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The Popular Knots website is created for introduction, to our viewers, of the most popular knots such as : Fishing Knots, Boating Knots, Climbing Knots, Tying a Tie and many other knots in everyday practice.  We are not pretending for an academic website that is presenting all kind of knots disclosing geometry and mathematics behind it. Nonetheless we have a full list of known (published in Wikipedia) knots you can see here >>>




There is a large variety of knots, each with properties that make it suitable for a range of tasks. Some knots are used to attach the rope (or other knotting material) to other objects such as another rope, cleat, ring, or stake. Some knots are used to bind or constrict objects, and lots of knots are used as a Fishing Knots to attached fishing line to a fishing hook or tying together fishing lines include lines with different diameters or even made of different type of materials.

Instead of presenting here some kind of animation knot, pictures or videos inconvenient for reproducing the knot (as some websites do) we provide demonstration of tying knots using YouTube videos directly by hands.



Videos are taking with such angle that viewer is experiencing a full presence in tying process and can actually repeat the creation of the knot by his/her own hands. In many cases we are forming the Knot using colored ropes for better understanding and memorizing of the way how fancy rope work was done. In videos (such as "Fishing Knots Under 30 seconds) we are also demonstrating tying knots in slow motion inviting viewer tying knot together with us.  

You can certainly visit our "Popular Knots" directly on YouTube where we created for you convenient playlists presenting knots depending on their use. Also you can go to all categories of the existing YouTube playlists directly from here (see below)

We will update playlists as soon as we develop them.


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