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How to tie Directional (inline) Figure 8 Loop Knot.


Directional Figure 8 Loop is a Climbing knot. The directional figure eight (a.k.a. inline figure-eight loop) is a loop knot as well. It is a knot that can be made on the bight. The loop must only be loaded in the correct direction or the knot may fail. It is useful on a hauling line to create loops that can be used as handholds. It also provides a place to attach a Z-Drag to the line when prusiks are unavailable.


Ashley describes the Directional Figure 8 as the second of two examples of a "Single Bowline on the Bight" (ABOK # 1058, p 191). It creates a loop in the middle of a rope and is used as a load-bearing knot by climbers to take strain in one direction only. In fact a strain from the wrong end actually capsizes the knot into one that slides, i.e., it functions as a noose so that the loop tightens under load.

The Directional Figure 8 is quickly tied and is designed to take a load in one direction only.
Easy to inspect
Can easily be tied with gloves on
Can easily be tied one-handed

The Directional Figure 8 can be difficult to undo after a shock load. It must not be used with the pull coming from the wrong end because of its propensity to capsize and constrict. 

Instead of presenting here some kind of animation knot, pictures or videos inconvenient for reproducing the knot (as some websites do) we provide demonstration of tying knots using YouTube videos directly by hands. Videos are taking with such angle that viewer is experiencing a full presence in tying process and can actually repeat the creation of the knot by his/her own hands. In many cases we are forming the Knot using colored ropes for better understanding and memorizing of the way how fancy rope work was done. In videos (such as "Fishing Knots Under 30 seconds) we are also demonstrating tying knots in slow motion inviting viewer tying knot together with us.

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