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14 Fishing Knots for Hooks, Swivels and Lures


Popular Popular Knots website presents here a large variety of Popular Fishing Knots for tying Popular Fishing Hooks, Swivels and Lures. Each Fishing Knot has properties that make it suitable for a range of tasks for the fishermen. You will find here variety of the methods How to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line presented by several videos include videos with some explanations and "silent" (without comments) that includes slow motion part convenient for remembering and knot tying reproducing.


Below is a YouTube video that includes all 14 methods of tying a Fishing Hook to a Fishing line




14 best knots for tying a fishing hook to a fishing line. How to tie a fishing hook. How to tie a Fishing Knot. Popular Knots presents the most comprehensive list of the fishing knots that are widely in use for tying a fishing hooks to a fishing lines. Probably there are more ways doing it but all knots we have here are well know for fishing sport.


Below the list of the knots with time line links for tying fishing hooks as they are appear in the video

Links will redirect you to YouTube video directly to the point in the video where this particular knot is starting


1. 0:01:16 Hook on the Loop
2. 0:04:52 Davy Knot
3. 0:07:10 Double Davy Knot
4. 0:11:44 Duncan Knot ( Uni knot )
5. 0:17:00 Egg Loop Knot
6. 0:21:55 Improved Clinch Knot
7. 0:27:30 Jammed Loop Knot
8. 0:33:45 Non-Slip Mono Loop
9. 0:40:10 Orvis Knot
10. 0:45:47 Palomar Knot
11. 0:51:51 Rapala Knot
12. 0:59:16 San Diego Jam Knot
13. 1:04:06 Shell Knot
14. 1:09:09 Trilene Knot


The link on the picture below will bring you to YouTube play list with separate videos of every method of tying Fishing Hook to a Fishing Line

Instead of presenting here some kind of animation knot, pictures or videos inconvenient for reproducing the knot (as some websites do) we provide demonstration of tying knots using YouTube videos directly by hands. Videos are taking with such angle that viewer is experiencing a full presence in tying process and can actually repeat the creation of the knot by his/her own hands. In many cases we are forming the Knot using colored ropes for better understanding and memorizing of the way how fancy rope work was done. In videos (such as "Fishing Knots Under 30 seconds) we are also demonstrating tying knots in slow motion inviting viewer tying knot together with us.

You can certainly visit our "Popular of Knots" directly on YouTube where we created for you convenient playlists presenting knots depending on their use.

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