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How to tie a Fishing Hook using an Orvis Knot


Popular Knots presents the Orvis Knot that was invented by Larry Becker who submitted it in a contest held by the Orvis Company to find the best knot to attach a line to the hook.



The Orvis knot is strong, small, light, reliable, and easily to remember and tie. It also works well in light and heavy lines and in any tippet material.
As it is being tightened, the Orvis knot tends to set up at an angle.


It is claimed to retain most of the line's original breaking strain.
Instead of animated knots we are presenting real time tying knots by hands with camera view convenient to repeat the procedure.


Orvis Knot Tying:

Feed line through hook eye from below and wrap behind standing line. Cross over standing line and bring end through first loop formed, creating a figure eight.
Feed tag end through top of loop on right from behind and repeat for a send pass through the loop. The line should look like this before tightening.
Moisten line a pull tag end to close knot. Alternately pull on hook and standing line and the tag end to tighten the knot down on the hook eye. Trim tag end.

This videos is a part of the YouTube Play list "Tying any fishing knot under 30 second"

Instead of presenting here some kind of animation knot, pictures or videos inconvenient for reproducing the knot (as some websites do) we provide demonstration of tying knots using YouTube videos directly by hands. Videos are taking with such angle that viewer is experiencing a full presence in tying process and can actually repeat the creation of the knot by his/her own hands. In many cases we are forming the Knot using colored ropes for better understanding and memorizing of the way how fancy rope work was done. In videos (such as "Fishing Knots Under 30 seconds) we are also demonstrating tying knots in slow motion inviting viewer tying knot together with us.

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